Bug Screen In Chennai

Protect your indoors from bugs without hindering ventilation, panoramic views and the natural serenity of the outdoors.

Tailor-made, Effective, and Durable Solutions to Address Your Pest-Related Concerns

Are you concerned about mosquitoes, bugs, and pests entering your space if you open doors and windows? Think the bug screen will obstruct the beautiful views from your home or commercial establishment? Don’t you think bug screens will fit into the aesthetic style and design of your space? 

Fret Not! 

Custom-crafted bug screens from Saravana Building Products are here. Made with high-quality raw materials and available in a wide range of designs and styles, SBP’s Bug Screen in Chennai offer complete protection from menacing bugs and insects.

Our amazing Bug Screen Solutions are so thin and sleek that you seldom feel any barrier between the inside and outside. They help you to relax watching outdoors and enjoy the natural light and airflow. All the devilish and menacing pests like mosquitos, bugs and other insects are kept at bay. 

We design and manufacture Bug Screen in Chennai that are a perfect fit for your space, your specifications, and your aesthetic sensibilities. We tailor the Bug Screens so that they give proper coverage to your doors, windows or other spaces.

Made with the best quality metal wire, fiberglass or synthetic fibre mesh raised across UPVC/metal frames, the bug Screens are available in horizontal, vertical or openable styles.

Our Bug Screens are of exceptional quality made with the best raw materials and designed with Indian conditions and usage patterns in mind.  

Our Bug Screens are resistant and sturdy against harsh conditions, be it – heavy showers, high speed winds, storms or dust, making them long-lasting unlike regular mosquito nets and meshes.  

We promise! The installation process is easy and hassle-free. 

Our top-quality Bug Screens require minimal maintenance and offer great convenience in cleaning.

All our products are customizable

15 years warranty on all products

bug screen in chennai

Types for Bug Screens

  • Roll on type vertical
  • Pleated type horizontal
  • Sliding upvc mesh frames
  • Fixed type mesh

Materials Used for Meshes

  • Stainless steel ss 304
  • Fibre glass mesh
  • Aluminium wired mesh

Insect-Free Living: Bug Screen in Chennai Designed by SBP Windows

Shields your home from pests without compromising on fresh air. SBP Windows bug screen in Chennai are meticulously designed to provide an effective barrier against insects, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining a bug-free environment.

Features of Our Bug Screens

SBP Windows Bug Screens in Chennai redefine comfort by seamlessly integrating with our UPVC windows and doors. Crafted with precision, these screens act as a shield against unwanted insects, ensuring you enjoy fresh air without any interruptions. Engineered with high-quality UPVC materials, our bug screens provide durability and longevity. The fine design not only keeps bugs at bay but also allows for optimal ventilation, enhancing the overall airflow within your living or working spaces. Trust SBP Windows for bug screens that prioritize functionality, durability, and a pest-free environment, making your experience with UPVC doors and windows truly exceptional.

Uninterrupted Fresh Air: Our bug screens provide a pest-free environment while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors.

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