uPVC Windows In Chennai

Transforming the Façade of your Personal/ Commercial Spaces

We custom-craft timeless masterpieces to transform your stylistic and functional needs into reality.

uPVC Windows in Chennai are central to the indoor environment, from controlling the ventilation and room temperature to adding character to the space. We offer an elegant and timeless range of designs in the latest upvc doors in Chennai to match your style quotient, be it – quirky, classic, ultra-modern, contemporary, or blended, while being fully functional and affordable.

We at SBP windows give 15 years warranty for all our products. 

Our exquisite range of windows aesthetically appealing, fully functional and integrate seamlessly into your
architectural design. They are the best in quality, durability and safety.

Internally beaded frames offers a high degree of protection against burglary. Special fitting and glazing and expert installation offers enhanced security.

Regardless of the difficulty level/ uniqueness, we effectively customize our uPVC Windows to match your
vision, be it – styles, look, colour (to match any theme), glass, handles and so on.

Our amazing uPVC Window collection is specially crafted for Indian conditions. They enable you to
minimize the street noise, dust and pollution coming in and create a clean, peaceful environment. Plus,
they are UV resistant.

Come heavy showers, storms or other harsh weather changes, SBP’s uPVC Windows stand tough, strong
and sturdy. No leaking as they are waterproof. They help regulate the room temperate as they are heat

Virtually maintenance-free, our uPVC Door range requires minimal fuss during its long lifetime, unlike
wooden doors that require regular maintenance. No termite treatments. No painting or polishing.


Lead free


Sound Insulation


Fire Retardant


High Thermal Insulation


Eco Friendly


Termite and corrosion resistant

Variety of color options available

Choose Your Style!

upvc doors - shades brown
upvc doors - shade dark oak
Dark Oak
upvc doors - shade mahogany
upvc doors - shades anthracite grey
Anthracite Grey

All our products are customizable

15 years warranty on all products

upvc windows in chennai

Openable or Casement

Practical, simple, trendy and oh-so-stunning, our Openable/ Casement Windows are much sought-after for
residential and commercial properties. Attached to the frame with one or more hinges and secured using a
sash, these windows can be opened either way.

These stunning windows can be customized to cater to spaces of any height/ width. Their designs, colours,
look and so on can be tweaked to fit right into your space and blend perfectly with your style.

You can effectively control the room temperature and airflow based on the weather conditions and your

Bedrooms, kitchens, study rooms, bathrooms and AC-fitted rooms.

Made with the best raw materials, SBP’s Casement Windows are durable and sturdy. Their glass panes are
super easy to clean and maintain, inside and outside.

best upvc windows in chennai

Sliding Windows

SBP’s classy, cotemporary and strong Sliding Windows offer panoramic views and ample ventilation while being tough and weather-proof. Sashes fitted with rollers aid easy journeying back and forth/ left and right.

With the windows raised above the track, a smooth slide is ensured. With minimal/ negligible friction
between the rollers, opening and closing our exquisite Sliding Windows is seamless.

Since these do not open out like traditional windows, these are amazing fits for small, constrained spaces.
These provide safety with space economy.

Workplace, balconies, large/ tall openings and bedrooms.

SBP’S amazing Sliding Doors are raised above the track, leaving no space for dust to accumulate and
enabling you to have a dust-free internal environment.

best quality upvc windows and doors in chennai

Tilt and turn Windows

The quirkiest and ultra-modern Tilt and Turn Windows are multi-faceted and versatile installations. Simply twist the handle and open up the sash at an angle in the top to protect your space from monsoon spells while getting ample ventilation. Give the handle a twist to open up the window inward and bring in ample sunlight.

Our stylish Tilt and Turn Windows are a class apart! They can give a modern look to even traditional

Bedrooms, living rooms, washrooms and smaller spaces.

Our Tilt and Turn Windows come with multi-point locks and are safe, irrespective of their size.

These ultra-modern windows are super easy to clean and maintain, both the inside and the outside glass

best upvc windows and doors manufacturer in chennai

Arch and Bay windows

Arched windows are curved or pointed towards the top of the window. Today, the use of the arched windows in modern homes bring out the Roman architectural style and feel, especially to the homeowners desiring more space and uniqueness. 

 This design can bring a unique  appeal of roman architechture to your old interiors.

Living rooms, Bay windows, Balcony

These  windows are super easy to clean and maintain, both the inside and the outside glass surfaces unlike the eloborate wooden bay windows

You get the beauty of bay window without the worry of termites/ corrosion.

Curated Just for Your Needs - Our best UPVC Windows in Chennai

Choose from our curated selection of the best UPVC windows in Chennai. Each product is crafted to perfection, offering superior insulation, noise reduction, and a stylish finish to complement your space.

Weather-Resistant Solutions: The Strength of Our UPVC Windows in Chennai

Discover the essence of efficiency and style with our best UPVC Windows in Chennai. Engineered to withstand dynamic climates, these windows offer a perfect blend of durability and functionality. The intelligent design provides optimal insulation, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing noise, making them ideal for modern living. With a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, our UPVC Windows prioritizes performance, providing a practical solution for your space. Choose SBP Windows for windows that redefine the standard, creating a harmonious balance between practicality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring lasting satisfaction in every season.

Trusted Partnership: As one of the best UPVC windows and doors dealers, we ensure quality and customer satisfaction.